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PAK – Exp series


Pressurised substation, “internal overpressure housing EEx-pdia I 150°C”, suitable for Group I (coal mines with the presence of methane) and classified for zones C1ZO – C1Z1 – C1Z2 – C1ZR.The PAK-exp series comes in two different designs:
  • designEex_p I (group I) for underground applications with the presence of methane (CH4).
  • designEex_p II (group II) for petrol and chemical applications.
The difference is the Eex_d box, which houses the purge and pressurisation control instruments.

USE: Pressurised substation certified EXX-P Group I
INSTALLATION ENVIRONMENT: tunnels, coal mines, petrol, chemical

Cabina di trasformazione certificata ATEX

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